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The success of Sevenwonders Education Training and Learning Center and its training courses wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our Program Director and trainers.

Our Program Director is versatile in nursing and healthcare education. She is knowledgeable with academic achievement trends and goals for nursing adult learners as required by the Higher Learning Education State regulatory agencies. She holds a doctoral degree in Higher Education Leadership which enables her to share her life-long learning expertise with the faculty and students.

Some of the positions she held include Nursing Program Director and Director of Nursing Services in an acute hospital; she has been a faculty member in various community colleges and private universities nationwide. Additionally, She has held multiple nursing and academic leadership positions in different states.

On a community level, she is the Chairperson for the Medication Aides Advisory committee (MACC) and was the Vice-Chairperson prior to that promotion. Her progressive leadership role has been remarkably treasured by her peers, and we are pleased to be under her leadership.

The Sevenwonders faculty team has an accumulated ten decades of evidence-based practical experiences in nursing that we are relentlessly willing to share with our novice, prospective students and adult learners who are interested in becoming future nurses globally.

“I have done it for myself and I can facilitate others to achieve their healthcare education career dreams in a heartbeat,” the Program Director had said in one of her keynote speeches.